7 High Calorie Meals to Break Your Fast With


Following up with my intermittent fasting blog, I was getting a healthy dose of inquiries with readers wondering what I actually do eat to break fast. Since I'm not down with being super restrictive in my diet anymore, what I cook is incredibly versatile.

If you catch me on the streets, I am likely stuffing the most unhealthy thing I can fit into my mouth, and washing it down with a pint of whatever beer is within arm's reach. That might make people wonder how I’ve actually managed to gain muscle, lose, and keep off almost 20lbs of fat over the last seven months. If you read the blog, you now know how I do it. Again, food shouldn’t be a reward, but it shouldn’t be something that regularly fucks with your mind, either. 

You should totally be able to make a huge bowl of homemade ravioli with creamy sauce that you will eventually mop up with a fresh baked baguette. Why not? If you took the time to learn how to make the dough, the filling, the sauce, and the bread, that shit should be enjoyed, should it not?

If you feel guilty about what you just ate, you’re already a victim. If you gorge yourself by doing a bang-bang before you take on a new diet (guilty), you’re a victim. If you’re still buying foods that have health claims like “low fat”, "zero calorie" and “diet", again, you’re a victim. 

The goal is to be able to enjoy food. Plain and simple. If your body doesn’t agree with certain ingredients, listen to it. Easy. But, if you’re constantly restricting yourself from food that otherwise does no harm to you, then rewarding yourself with it, you’re a victim. 

Someone once said to me, “I finally gave up chocolate.” I have no fucking idea why someone would ever do that. Chocolate is good for you. 

I’ll rephrase. Good chocolate is good for you.

I’ll rephrase again. Good chocolate not loaded with milk powder and fructose is good for you. But! That doesn't mean you can't sneak in the occasional sugar-packed booshit. 

This goes for most things we consume. If you find a way to get food in its most pure form, or you make it from scratch, like an awesome pizza with a chewy and bubbly crust, you shouldn’t ever have to give it up completely, or feel bad when you eat it.

Let's not be fooled. I do not believe there is any diet, "clean" or not, where you can eat "as much as you want" and still lose weight. This is said under the assumption that you mentally can stop yourself from overeating every single meal. If most people were able to do that, we wouldn't have a long-standing obesity epidemic. That said, while I don't believe you should ever be a slave to numbers on a scale or calories in a day, you should be aware of what your body is consuming and what it needs to properly function by calculating your macros

For the most part, I don’t incorporate sugars, dairy, breads, or pastas into my high calorie meals, mostly because of what they do to my skin, something I'll eventually touch on. If I do, it’s because I prepared these foods or went to a solid restaurant to be enjoyed with friends and family, usually on weekends.

With IF in my life, I eat two high calorie meals on average daily. Again, I try to stay in the 1,500 calorie range while I try and get rid of a few more pounds of fat, but if I was at maintenance, I would be consuming just under 2,000 calories a day.

Divide that into two and you can comfortably eat high calories meals everyday without ever feeling guilty. You might even have room for a quality beer or cocktail, and maybe even dessert. Every. Single. Day.

This is not eating whatever you want and still losing weight. This is shifting a few meals around to be able to enjoy food more.

All that said, here are 7 no-bullshit, high calorie meals to break a fast with, or meal prep with. Completely free of whack ass frozen peas & carrots. Here, the words "low-fat", "low-cal" and "skinny" do not exist.



  • If you have access to a slow or pressure cooker, by all means use it for the beans, rice, and meats when possible. I did.
  • All macros are included in each recipe at the bottom of the page. 
  • To track your calories and macros more precisely, import the ingredients from my blog by adding the link of the recipe to your My Fitness Pal saved recipes. 
  • The food photos are pretty. Your food doesn't have to be. All of these meals may appear to be complex, but they're incredibly simple and made for people without much free time or resources.
  • For most people in western countries, you won't have to make all of your own spice mixes. Because I live in Beijing, I am forced to accumulate spices to create my own mixtures. I prefer this method, but it creates an extra step, which can be a hassle for those with limited time/finances. 
  • I never use frozen or canned veggies, they're far more expensive than fresh in China. There are a few swaps you can find in a few recipes if time/money is an issue, but use fresh/seasonal when possible. 
  • These recipes are developed to serve two, but could absolutely serve four in most cases for those who eat more than 1-2 times daily, or if you are feeding more than two people.

Enjoy! Let me know which one is your favorite in comments below!